Raymond Floyd Designed, Par 71, 18 Hole Golf Course

Nestled in a quiet corner west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Grande Oaks Golf Club boasts a pristine 18-hole, par 71 golf course that measures 6,680 yards to the tips. Our course was designed, and recently renovated, by the legendary golfer Raymond Floyd.

The recent renovation made use of Celebration grass on the tees and fairways and Tift Eagle grass on the greens. Celebration grass has more surface area, making it more player friendly, while Tift Eagle is an ultra-dwarf grass allowing for superior greens play. All of our greens are mowed with state-of-the-art floating head walking mowers to provide prime playing conditions.

In keeping with tradition, all tees at Grande Oaks are perfectly square and are aligned to the middle of the landing area, offering a variety of distances from which to play. This enables golfers to play the type of game they want – challenging themselves one day and playing a more relaxed game the next, all on the same course.

During the renovation, Raymond Floyd redesigned the course, adding new tees, reshaping bunkers and adding slight contours to the greens, making for an overall challenging, yet pleasurable golf experience.

We invite you to take a tour of our serene, Raymond Floyd designed golf course. Want to play here? Learn about becoming a member.

Grande Oaks Photo Tour


Hole 1
Par 4
The Tips - 367

A member friendly starting hole, number 1 plays 367 yards.  With added trees on the left, this slight dogleg left brings the lake on the right into play.  A lake left of the green and bunkers in the front and back, requires your second shot to be accurately placed on this well sectioned green.


Hole 2
Par 4

The Tips - 472

Our longest par 4 at 472 yards requires a well hit tee shot, steering clear of trees on the right and the left.  Your second shot needs to be well thought out also.  A front green side bunker protects the right half of the green.  The lake behind the green and the two sectioned putting surface make par on the hole a great score.


Hole 3
Par 5

The Tips - 527

The first par 5 on the golf course presents a true risk reward opportunity.  A well placed tee shot will permit the player to hit a high shot over the trees to the middle of the green.  Beware though, if you miss the green, the up and down is very difficult.  The alternative way to play this hole leaves a short wedge to a slightly elevated green.


Hole 4
Par 4

The Tips - 384

A slight dog leg left that plays 384 yards will offer a wide fairway.  Be aware of the water along the entire left side.  Trees and mounds down the right are no haven either.  Bunkers and a challenging putting surface will reward great second shots.


Hole 5
Par 3

The Tips - 269

From the Championship tees, the par 3 plays 267 yards.  We will leave that to Raymond Floyd, who re-designed our course in the summer of 2014.  With a two tiered green, caution is crucial as you approach this well bunkered green.


Hole 6
Par 4

The Tips - 432

Another long test, number 6 plays 432 yards with water guarding a narrow fairway.  There are trees up the left side which makes for an unenviable second shot.  The green is narrow and slanted away at an angle, requiring a player to hit their yardage or pay the price.


Hole 7
Par 3
The Tips - 172

The 172 yard par 3 should be called Dr. Jeckl and Mr. Hyde.  With two sections to the green, the hole can play one way with a right pin and a complete opposite with a left pin.  Bunkers, water, and severe slopes make this a fun hole to birdie.


Hole 8
Par 5

The Tips - 528

From the tee box, we can still see Al Czervik’s condominiums from the movie “Caddyshack.”  Extended tee boxes make this par 5 a tough hole to reach in two.  If you’re into the prevailing wind, anticipate laying up.  A deep bunker on the front right and left will offer a challenge when off this green.  Tricky contours on this green will make short putts even testier.  Take your par and move onto the number 1 handicap hole – number 9.


Hole 9
Par 4

The Tips - 436

The toughest hole on the course has earned its reputation.  A long tee shot into the wind, over the lake and short of the trees and bunkers on the left will leave you with a long iron into an elevated green.  The ongoing theme of challenging Raymond Floyd greens continues.  Even quality putts don't go in on this widow maker of a hole.


Hole 10
Par 4

The Tips - 383

After making the turn, hot dog in hand, hole 10 gives natural beauty to a truly atypical south Florida view.  Our course is known for its rolling hills and grand oak canopies.  This hole goes up the hillside to an elevated green surrounded by bunkers and a false front.


Hole 11
Par 3

The Tips - 143

With such a big green, do not be short.  With deep bunkers protecting this short, 143 yard par 3, your miss is long.  Of course, if you are long, your chip is going to run away from you, so don’t miss long.  Birdie here probably will not earn you a skin.


Hole 12
Par 4

The Tips - 395

"Winter rules," Judge Elihu Smails and “So what, so let’s dance” Al Czervik were two familiar scenes filmed on this hole in the movie Caddyshack.  You would benefit from hitting the fairway as the two tiered green demands an approach angle from the right side.  Another deep front bunker, tricky contours and into the prevailing winds makes par seem awesome.


Hole 13
Par 4

The Tips - 305

With one foot off the back edge our Championship tee box, 13 is our shortest par 4.  Do not underestimate this one, as it offers one of the most challenging second shots on the course.  A deep front bunker, a false front, and a narrow green make for some occasional fireworks.


Hole 14
Par 4
The Tips - 381

A forced carry off the tee gives some golfers the shakes.  The green is nestled into a mounded setting, framed by bunkers and landscaping.  Try to avoid the lakes that surround this entire hole.  Even though this is a large green, the two tiered surface offers several great pin locations.


Hole 15
Par 5
The Tips - 530

The par 5, 530 yard hole can be rewarding if you hit great shots.  The do’s:  do hit the fairway, do lay up to a yardage best suited for your third shot and do take your time reading your putt.  The do not’s:  do not hit it left in the adjoining canal or the lake on the right, do not hit it in one of the five bunkers and do not miss the green if you want to make a par.  This green makes a successful chip seem unlikely.  It is not impossible to hit this green in two, but it is also not the most common outcome.


Hole 16
Par 4
The Tips - 404

This is a tour quality par 4, at 404 yards with bunkers, water and trees all over.  The green is guarded with water on two sides and a bunker short left.  Perhaps it is the slight undulations throughout the green that really challenge a player on the course’s 4th handicapped hole.


Hole 17
Par 3
The Tips - 178

The 178 par 3 begins with a carry over the water. The backdrop is bunkers and a canopy of oak trees.  The front of the green is snug up to the lake.  Miss it short and you’ll find yourself in the lumberyard, just like Danny Noonan in the movie, "Caddyshack."  Another familiar scene was shot on this hole with Mr. and Mrs. Havencamp.


Hole 18
Par 4
The Tips - 419

Our signature hole comes home to the clubhouse ranking the second most difficult hole on the course.  The novelty of two greens permits the winner from the 17th hole to choose the left or right green.  Our left green goes over the water and the right is equally challenging with a front protecting bunker.  Our signature tree separates the two greens leaving our members and guests with a reminder of beauty and elegance rarely found in south Florida.


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